As a lecturer and lover of learning, I strongly believe that knowledge and understanding are necessary for effective and lasting change to take place. 

At my workshops you will learn about nutrition, exercise and sleep and the effect these have on your mental and physical health. Together we will develop strategies to improve all of these elements of wellbeing. We explore stress and work-life balance and work towards a better quality of life. 

You will learn about the key components of wellbeing along with the opportunity to engage in various positive psychology interventions. You will be encouraged to try these out at home and to embed happiness practices into your life. 

My wellbeing workshops are designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of yourself, develop new skills and have a clear plan to make your life better.

Bespoke workshops can be tailored to suit your groups' needs

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From W.B.: "... it was really interesting to discover my list of strengths and values, I haven’t spent much time in the past pondering over these but I can now see they play a very important part of my well-being to help cope with problem solving. ... Your sessions have made me think deep, putting things into perspective and I have started to overcome some of the challenges that life brings. Thank you so much. "