How Coaching Works

If you think positive psychology coaching is for you, then do get in touch. We'll have an initial chat (chemistry call) to decide if we want to work together. If we so choose, we'll agree a suitable time and date for our first session. 

Our first session:

We'll agree a contract: area you would like to talk about, how many sessions, how often, confidentiality etc. 

Sessions typically last an hour to an hour and a half,.

What you can expect:

  • A safe, professional environment where you can talk confidentially, without being judged;

  • Authenticity;

  • Honesty;

  • ​Questions! (sometimes challenging  ones);

  • A practical approach;

  • A clear plan to help you achieve;

  • Interventions to promote flourishing in your life;

  • Small tasks - to help you achieve your goals;

  • If relevant, we will explore diet (nutrition), exercise, and daily activities;

  • and recommendations, which may  include: mindfulness practices, dietary changes, physical activity.