Adolescence can be a difficult time; working out your place in the world, who you are, and who you want to be. At the same time dealing with demands of education, parents and peers.

 With 20 years experience of working with teenagers in education, I can provide support and an understanding ear to help teens unlock their potential, build their self confidence, find direction and enhance their resilience.



From J.C.: "Lauren was just what we needed, like a guardian angel able to offer gentle encouragement and guidance. Our teenage son was really struggling – not happy with his college course, completely demotivated and anxious about his future. He found the wide range of career options available totally baffling and struggled to identify what he wanted to do with life. Lauren was able to help him regain his mojo and focus on where he wants to be. As a result he’s joined a gym, got a new part time job, is sleeping much better and has enrolled on a new course of study – all of which are his decisions. Lauren is truly amazing, kind, understanding and I genuinely believe she speaks ‘teen’. We could not have asked for a better coach or a better outcome."