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Is it time to make the change to a happier, healthier life?

My name is Lauren and I am a fully qualified Positive Psychology Coach

Meet Lauren

Certified Positive Psychology Coach 

I have worked as a psychology lecturer and a part- time psychotherapist for a number of years, Fascinated and passionate about helping people flourish, I decided to embark on a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and fell in love with coaching. I still work part time as a psychology lecturer, specialising in applied health and positive psychology, where we explore the science behind the amazing mind-body connection: exercise, nutrition and the "good life".

Keeping true to my work, I practice meditation, exercise regularly and eat healthily. These, along with sleep, are the building blocks for a healthy, happy life.  Relationships are vital too, and my priority in life is my family, being a present mummy and wife. It isn't always easy to get the balance right, but not negotiating on the basics keeps us sane.

I am able to offer face-to-face or Zoom sessions, which means I am ready to help you wherever you live.

What I Specialize In

Resilience Development for Teens

Wellbeing and Happiness

Work-Life balance

Bespoke Wellbeing Workshops 

Personal Growth

Be the best version of you. Live your best life. The journey starts here. Today.

Lauren brings a real sense of calm and gentle reassurance into her coaching space. She listens open-mindedly, and possesses an innate ability to insightfully get to the heart of the matter for her clients. Her integrity, sincerity and commitment to the work are clearly front and centre of all she does. A highly recommended, trustworthy coach


My session with Lauren helped me identify my key life goals in relation to my career and continuous professional development. Her gently probing, yet purposeful, questioning technique and astute analysis helped me clarify my own position in relation to work and life and identified a few as yet unexplored avenues which I have used as a focus for further research. Her resolutely non-judgemental approach and insightful questions allowed me to explore, without consequence, feelings and ideas which I had previously been reluctant to express and so helped develop a more self-analytical approach to my own decision-making. There is no doubt that I felt a little adrift in my career as it was (indeed, it was during this session that I first truly recognised this) and I have subsequently set myself on a slightly different career path which I feel is more suited to my skills, aptitude and temperament.


Lauren is an excellent listener and really helps to put things in perspective....



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